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PicoPad Wallet Notes
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PicoPad Wallet Notes: 3-pack

The patented credit card-sized notebook complete with ballpoint pen and self-stick notes, all of which fits in your wallet or purse. No more scrounging for a pen or writing on the backs of receipts. The pen has a patented Flexigrip butterfly wing grip, which allows you to hold and write with the pen comfortably, yet it folds for ultra compact storage in the PicoPad cover. The pad of sticky notes (15 sheets) is refillable and comes in handy when you need to make a quick note or reminder. Pen and paper always at your side, everywhere you go- write when you need it.

Included: 3 complete PicoPad Wallet Notes (Bronze, Onyx and Silver colors) and 6 sticky note refill pads (90 sheets total).
3-pack of PicoPad Wallet Notes