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New Book Gadget Arrives in Time for the Holidays

(Mountain View, California, November 29, 2006): Everyday Innovations today announced availability of its newest product, BookSling™, another low-tech solution to an age-old annoyance - not having something to write with when you’re out and about. The answer: an elastic strap that attaches up to two pens or highlighters to the cover of a book, which includes an integrated bookmark feature. Keep you pen with your book, write where you need it™.

“Journals need pens, and college textbooks need highlighters. It just makes sense to carry them together,” explains Alan Regala, president of Everyday Innovations. “When I take my journal with me on the road, I know that I don’t have to worry about forgetting my pen or worse - getting a pocket full of ink!”

BookSling is great for journals, sketchbooks, textbooks, puzzle books (like the popular Sudoku) and even clipboards. Its unique design allows the writing instrument to store conveniently on the top or bottom of the book, such that it does not hinder the book from stacking neatly on a bookshelf or in a backpack.

BookSling is now available to the public, just in time for the holidays, selling through the company’s website,, and in select retailers across the country.

In 2005, Everyday Innovations introduced its popular PicoPad® Wallet Notes®, the world’s first walletable note device, complete with pen and self-stick notes. PicoPad has been selling successfully in various gift, stationery, book and luggage stores around the country, as well as catalogs such as Magellan’s Travel Catalog.

The early success with this first product coincides with the company’s intent on protecting its innovative products. Everyday Innovations was recently granted its first patent this year for PicoPad, and there are additional patents pending for both PicoPad and BookSling.

About Everyday Innovations Everyday Innovations designs and manufactures novel products for improving everyday life. Its two products, PicoPad Wallet Notes and BookSling, both provide innovative solutions for carrying pen and paper while on-the-go. This privately held company is based in Mountain View, California. More information about Everyday Innovations is available at


Innovative Gadget Brings Organization and Convenience to Busy Lifestyles

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, October 12, 2005): Everyday Innovations today announced nationwide availability of its PicoPad™ Wallet Notes™. PicoPad is a stylish folio of sticky notes complete with pen designed to fit into a wallet’s credit card slot. A low-tech solution to the age-old problem of never having pen and paper handy when it’s needed most, PicoPad gives customers a convenient way to be prepared without the hassle of toting traditional, bulky tablets or the expense and complexity of a PDA.

PicoPad’s brilliance lies within the product’s patent-pending design – simple, stylish and functional. From the elegant folio that encases the notes to the innovative pen that allows the device to fit in the narrowest of spaces yet still be functional and comfortable, PicoPad is a welcome addition to any wallet, purse or pocket.

“We love to offer our customers unique, high quality items with a practical purpose and PicoPads are exactly that,” said Jerome Davis, buyer at Ideal Stationers. “Having a mini pen and pad with you whereveryou go is a terrific idea and I’m so impressed with the PicoPad’s stylish, colorful metallic covers. PicoPad sales have already far-exceeded our initial expectations.”

In addition to being available at the entire chain of California-based Ideal stationery stores, PicoPad is now available at select retailers nationwide.

Complementing PicoPad’s retail availability, Everyday Innovations recently began distribution via the Internet at, effectively making PicoPad available to anyone with web access. PicoPad Wallet Notes, which retail for less than $4, are available in an array of stylish colors, in addition to 4-pack tacky note refills.



(MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, May 15, 2005): Everyday Innovations today introduced PicoPad™ Wallet Notes™, a low-tech solution to a very old and annoying problem: not having something to write with when you need it. The answer: pen and paper that fit in your wallet. The world's first walletable note device. PicoPad Wallet Notes may not replace your $400 PDA, but this stylish little gem may prove to be more useful, and at a retail price of $3.99, why not have both?

Wallet Notes will be formally introduced to the public at this year's National Stationery Show in New York, NY. Everyday Innovations plans to market to mass retail in stationery, office supply, and discount stores. The company is simultaneously introducing the product to the promotional products industry, where the 2004 sales in writing instruments, office accessories and personal/pocket items was $3 billion (PPAI 2004, Distributor Sales Estimates).

The company has established high volume manufacturing in Asia to meet the high demand expected in both industries. PicoPad™ Wallet Notes™ will be available for purchase through the retail channel in July 2005.

With three patents pending, the company plans to introduce additional products into the PicoPad line later this year.