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PicoPad Wine Journal
  • mini wine tasting guide & journal
  • mini pen
  • credit card sized

Features & Benefits

Wine Tasting Guide
PicoPad® Wine Journal includes a succint guide to the basics of wine tasting, providing guidelines such as temperatures and tasting orders, good wine vs. bad wine, and even spitting vs. swallowing! Learn how to evaluate wine based on the 3 important characteristics: appearance, nose and taste.

This section is a great reference when you're away from home- at a restaurant, wine show, winery, even a friend's house!
Wine Tasting Notes
Do you remember the name of the last great wine you had? Never leave another great wine unrecorded! Keep a list of your favorite (and not-so-favorite!) wines in your wallet or purse- wherever you go! The PicoPad® Wine Journal allows you to track all the details of any wine, including the date you tried it and what you ate with it.
Fits in Your Wallet
The real beauty of the PicoPad® line of products is that they are each credit card-sized and thus fit in your wallet or purse, so you can take it with you everywhere you go without having to think about it! It's always there- write when you need it™.
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PicoPad Wine Journal